2Forks works with experienced nutrition experts to guide our menu philosophy so we can constantly evolve our ingredients and preparation methods in sync with the most advanced and modern understanding of health and nutrition.

Amy Kubal

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Amy Kubal, RD
Dietitian Advisor

Amy Kubal is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Colorado State University specializing in the Paleo Diet and performance nutrition. Amy works with both professional and recreational athletes as well as with individuals looking to improve their overall health and performance through diet and lifestyle. She believes a healthy relationship with food creates physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Amy works with a broad range of athletes from the Olympics, IronMan, marathoners, CrossFit, MMA, and everyday athletes. Additionally, Amy has helped many clients optimize body composition and manage or recover from autoimmune and diet related diseases: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, IBS, renal failure, lupus, and more.

Amy ensures that the Modern Paleo menu stays true to the Paleo philosophy, and provides a balanced and nutritious experience with every bite.